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        Company News
        【2017-06-07 】 18866
        On 22/03, Asher Grinbaum, the CEO of ICL, Yaniv Kabalek, the GM of ICL-China and the delegation visited YPH, accompanied by Assaf Naveh, the GM of YPH, Li Wei, the secretary of CPC YPH Committee an
          【 2017-06-07 】16477
          Source:chinanews.com, Kunming, 12/10/2016, by Ma QianOn 12/10, Yunnan Haikou Phosphate Co., Ltd., a joint venture cofounded by YTH and ICL, is officially established in Kunming. Li Ji
          Industry News
          07 2017-06-07
          “The use of ecological recycling technology to transform current phosphorus chemicals technology system in the world forms a new fine phosphates chemi...
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